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Car Coalition Movement


  • What the REPAIR ACT will do

    • Guarantees vehicle owners can get the parts, tools and information they need to choose aftermarket parts​

    • Requires automakers to give consumers the critical information, software and tools they need to fix their vehicles

    • Requires automakers to give consumers access to their vehicle data needed for repair and maintenance

    • Requires NHTSA and the FTC to propose new rules to guarantee consumer access to vehicle data and provide cybersecurity

  • How the REPAIR ACT benefits your shop

    • If a vehicle is involved in an accident, many times vehicles can become a total-loss. This reduces the amount of work available to collision shops, as a total-loss vehicle reduces potential income that otherwise would have gone to a repair facility

    • Aftermarket parts reduce vehicle total-losses, keeping cars repairable for shops. Which in turn keeps the revenue stream flowing within your shop

    • Shops cannot remain profitable on towing & storage alone when a vehicle is totaled


  • What the SMART ACT will do

    • Reduce automakers patents on collision repair parts from 14 to 2.5 years

    • Allow aftermarket parts manufacturers to make and test parts during the newly defined patent period

    • Allow aftermarket parts manufacturers to sell a collision repair part after the 2.5-year patent lifespan is over

    • Would not prevent automakers from enforcing patents against other automakers during 14-year patent lifespan

  • What Car Coalition does

    • Championing Consumer Access to Vehicle Data​

    • Educating Lawmakers on the Rising Cost of Auto Repair

    • Amending Antiquated Patent Law

    • Leveling the Playing Field for Independent Parts Manufacturers

To learn more about the Car Coalition, click on their logo below. To learn more about aftermarket auto body parts click the My Parts Choice logo below.


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