KSI Customers:


These are extraordinary times that seem to be changing on a daily if not hourly basis.  While we all deal with this on a personal level with our family and loved ones we are also dealing with difficult situations at work.  At KSI we continue to monitor the situation by reviewing guidance from the CDC as the well as Federal and State Government Agencies.  Our organization is committed to staying open for as long as we are permitted to do so in order to support your business.


The following policies and procedures have been in put in place by our company to make sure that we keep our employees and our customers safe:


- Anyone that is sick has been asked to stay home from work in case the illness is related to the coronavirus

- Facilities are being cleaned with the appropriate chemicals to make certain we are disinfecting all areas

- Employees have been segregated so that we do not have various functions interacting with one another


In addition to these safety protocols, we began increasing our inventory position late last year and then again in early February to make sure that we would have adequate inventory levels across all of our distribution centers.  We will continue to operate under normal business hours where permitted, but will inform you if we are forced to reduce hours of operations due to changes with any Federal or State requirements.


We thank you for your business and continued support and we will continue to do our best to help support your operation as you work hard at getting people back on the road. We look forward to serving you and we hope that everyone remains safe and healthy during these difficult times.




Christopher Patti

Chief Executive Officer

KSI Auto Parts