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KSI inspects all parts prior to shipment. Damage may occur during transit. Please inspect all parts when receiving or in the same business day so parts can be replaced in a timely manner.


KSI Auto Parts offers a comprehensive labor reimbursement program that is designed to protect our customers in the rare situation they find a part to be defective after installation. In order to qualify for labor reimbursement, the following guidelines must be met: ​

· Labor time for any repair will be in conjunction with the labor guides as presented in any of the

 approved major electronic estimating systems. If requested, the shop should provide a copy of the

 original estimate

· KSI will evaluate on a case by case basis the reimbursement/partial reimbursement to the repair

  facility for additional labor expense incurred for a confirmed defective certified part(s).​

· The repair facility or insurance company representative must inform their KSI location of any

  defect immediately at the time of discovery. At this point, we will make the decision based on

  the documented evidence that is provided by the licensed repair shop or insurer that validates the
  claim to KSI’s satisfaction that the part has a manufacturing or design defect to send a qualified

  parts technician to examine the allegedly defective part. If a technician is not available to view

  the part on the vehicle, digital photographs must be taken of the part while still on the vehicle
  and submitted with the claim of reimbursement.


· Any repair facility that is currently in poor financial standing with KSI Auto Parts or has been

  delinquent in payments within the previous 6 months is not eligible for labor reimbursement.

  Also, an anticipated labor reimbursement cannot be used as payment on past due invoices. It is

  the responsibility of the repair facility to inspect parts for correctness and obvious defects prior to

  preparation and installation. No labor reimbursement will be made for work performed in error.

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KSI Auto Parts is based in South Plainfield, NJ and is an industry-leading distributor of quality aftermarket collision parts in North America.  

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